The Strategy

After successful operations in the Netherlands, the Coriander Property Group started concentrating on the German real estate market in 2001.
Aiming at sustained modernization and development, the Coriander Property Group today puts the main investment focus on large real estate with development potential in strategically advantageous locations. The utilization portfolio refers almost exclusively to urban areas. At present, new investment possibilities in the Netherlands and in Germany are being evaluated with the goal of acquiring a total value of 250 to 350 million euros by 2010.

During its first years the Coriander Property Group acquired counter-cyclically, mainly in a seller's market with an oversupply situation. Following development and modernization, many properties were profitably put on the market to immediately distribute the generated capital in dividends to banks and investors. During the last ten years, the Coriander Property Group thus achieved an indirect annual sales profit of 15-20% - albeit a rather weak general economic growth.

The owners’ and investors’ confidence in the management is high. As a result of profitable investments in the past, the company’s shareholders have decided to invest new capital to attain the Coriander Property Group’s goal of completing new and large projects with a sustained yield, backed up with sound financial support from banks.