The Management

The management and advisory board of the Coriander Property Group combine several decades of experience in acquisition, financing, management, renting and leasing as well as development of real estate and retail property. On a regional level, the management is supported by project managers, who are responsible for the ongoing administration of local property.

The senior manager of the Coriander Property Group is Tal Z. Rapoport and the commercial manager of the Coriander Property Group Netherlands is Insel Ince. Propertyview is responsible for the financial and technical management of the Coriander Property Group Netherlands.

Tal Z. Rapoport (Managing Director Germany) has been part of the Coriander Property Group’s management since business start-up in 1996. After studying Law at the University of Essex in Great Britain, he gained several years of valuable experience in the Dutch and German real estate market. He is responsible for the strategic orientation of the company, as well as the acquisition and distribution of assets and is also in charge of the German business of the Coriander Property Group.